This has got to be one of the greatest Craigslist ads of all time. A Vancouver woman who was flat out angry by her husband's cheating ways decided to get even and sell all of his belongings in a "big a**" yard sale -- while he was away with his "floozie"(That word is quoted from her) I'm sure you could think of a number of other words) The scorned wife posted the ad in all caps and urged people to come grab what they can, so that the house would be empty, more like completely cleaned out when he got back.


The quickie sale included his red leather theater sofas, lots of tools and a "brand new sliding glass door that he never had installed.

The couple had been married for 10 years and it appears things didn't go so well.

The way I see it, she would have gotten everything she was really selling her stuff...

Have you ever taken revenge on a cheater?