March is Women’s History Month, and to celebrate, we are tipping our hats to SouthCoast women that have made our lives better.

They make your favorite cup of coffee. They teach our youth. They brighten our lives just by being their true, authentic selves. This month belongs to iconic women, and so many of them are our neighbors, staking their claim in this small part of the world, unapologetically.

It’s time we give them a spotlight.

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Meet Jill Houck

Jill Houck
Jill Houck

Jill Houck is the mastermind behind the bustling Flour Girls Baking Co. in Fairhaven, and it all started when her passion for making cakes for her children evolved into a full-fledged business.

“I started doing some baking and it just really grew slowly from that,” she said. “We bought a truck, and then we moved in here, and so now we’ve been at this for what will shortly be twenty years.”

She and her family brought their Vermont charm to the SouthCoast and created a little slice of heaven on Huttleston Avenue, where she has been slinging coffee, pastries, and more for the past eleven years.

Houck thrives on doing things differently. Taking the time to make her food from scratch and remembering every customer’s name are business models that come naturally to her and her team.

Houck Praises Other Woman-Owned Businesses

Some may be quick to say that running a business as a woman would come with barriers, but Houck is not one to buy into that narrative, and she believes that the SouthCoast is filled with empowered women who are setting a standard for local business.

“I think there are women, locally, who are doing great things and I would love to emulate what they are putting out into the universe and try to be a part of their world,” she said.

“Make It a Great Day”

It’s a simple message with a gigantic meaning. Houck says it to every person who walks into her business to remind them that they control their own destiny.

And she adopted the phrase from a woman in her life that has become like family.

“There was a girl that worked for me when I first started, and she is like a daughter,” she shared. “She said it all the time. She now has a doctorate and is still a part of my life…that’s from her.”

Next time you are looking for a good cup of coffee, a freshly made macaroon, or words of encouragement, find them all at Flour Girls Baking Co.

Here’s to you, Jill.

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