Jay-Z and Beyonce are headed to Gillette Stadium this weekend and you should be there too!

They're basically our version of the royal family. They are "The Carters." If I'm being totally honest I want to go to the show and just see if they're willing to adopt me into the family. I'll cook, I'll clean, I'll do whatever I have to. I'll even babysit the kids!

If you want to pitch your potential adoption into the Carter family as well, you'll definitely want to get in the building for their show this Sunday August 5, 2018.

Luckily Mi Antojo Restaurant is helping hook you up!

Just be sure to have the FREE Fun 107 App on your phone, courtesy of Palace Pizza and More

The Michael Rock Show will be hooking you up with tickets in the morning. They're going to hit you with a song scramble to win.

If you can't pull out a win in the morning don't worry! B Mo has another chance for you to win tickets in the afternoons!

But don't forget, you must have the FUN 107 app on your phone to know when to call and win!

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