If you've always wanted to sit in the front row to see Bruno Mars, this is your big chance.

We gave you a heads up about this last Friday afternoon to make sure you had plenty of notice to take an opportunity to not only download the Fun 107 app, but also to encourage as many of your friends to download the app, as well.  Here is the thinking:  helping as many of your friends and family download the Fun 107 app will increase your chances of winning.  If one of your friends wins, they'll have YOU to thank...and it will only make sense to have them choose YOU as their guest to sit in the front row seats.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday morning), we'll be sending out an app blast to everyone who has downloaded the Fun 107 app.  This will give you a chance to listen to our Bruno Mars song scramble over and over again so that you can come up with the 5 songs titles - in a row.  We'll play the contest at 7:45 tomorrow morning.

Important:  Make sure you have "enabled" all of your push notifications so that when we send out hte app blast, you'll be able to get the message.

Major thank you to Avalon Medical Spa for sponsoring the Bruno Mars front row giveaway, and to Palace Pizza and More for powering the Fun 107 app.

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