I'm starting to think that the folks here at Fun 107 are rather superstitious. And "lucky" versus "unlucky" pennies are what I'm basing this theory on.

For a lot of people walking under ladders, breaking mirrors or picking up pennies that are lying tails side up are all no-no's. These activities can cause bad luck to those that believe in such things and so avoiding them at all costs will ensure that their good luck never runs out.

TSM/Nancy Hall

That last one must be one a lot of ladies here at Fun 107 believe in because for as long as I have been working here, there have been tails up pennies that no one has touched by the sink in the ladies room.


These pennies have been sitting by the sink for nearly six months and no one EVER touches them. Including myself.

So is it superstition? Are we kind of weird for just leaving them there?

Whatever the reasons may be, the pennies just stay there day after day and after a while it makes you wonder if this would happen everywhere. And that's the thought the crossed my mind today. Cause my mind likes to wander apparently.

So are you superstitious about pennies? Or would pick up the tails side up penny and claim it for your own?