With high school seniors wrapping up one of the most memorable school years of their lives, we thought it might be fun to ask a basic, open-ended question:

"What was the incident at your high school?"

We didn't know what to expect when we asked, but you definitely delivered.

To be clear, we got a full spectrum of responses ranging from incidents in the 1970s through the 2000s.  Some of the responses were funny and lighthearted, while some remembered tragic and heartbreaking incidents.

In the interest of keeping this on the lighter side of things, we decided to focus on the memories of local high school incidents that are less likely to stir up painful feelings.  We've also steered away from including incidents of serious crimes, riots or bomb threats. While clearly memorable, these are not examples of the responses we were seeking when we asked on Facebook.

Also, as one commenter, Sarah Lawrence, laughingly suggested, "Fabulous timing to give this year’s seniors prank ideas."

We are certainly not trying to give graduating seniors any ideas. Rather, we are hoping the graduating seniors will see the folly of our ways and avoid the unfortunate consequences that may have been handed down by administrations.

Some of those consequences, you will read, included missing prom and/or commencement ceremonies. Not fun for anyone.

Some of these incidents listed, however, have become core memories for many, many people living here on the SouthCoast. Those shared memories among groups of people are powerful.

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