Ready for flower picking? Turns out the tulips at Wicked Tulips Flower Farm are just about ready, too. Plus, with the return of their original Johnston location, there are going to be three awesome farms to choose from this season.

Get ready for all the tulips. Rhode Island's beloved Wicked Tulips Flower Farm is popping up everywhere, literally.

The tulips are near blooming at the Hog House Hill Road location in Exeter and could be open as early as next week.

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Owners say the tulips are progressing fast, even with the cooler temperatures, and blooms are already starting to show in Exeter. They expect to sell tickets by next week and say opening day could be as soon as April 5.

Wicked Tulips aren't just in Exeter anymore, however.

Last season they expanded to a second location in Preston, Connecticut, and had a hugely successful season there. Some 700,000 tulips are expected to bloom across their fields at 382 CT-164 by late April and carry into early May.

Perhaps the best news for fans of Wicked Tulips Flower Farm is the return of the original location.

After giving the fields at 90 Brown Avenue a few years to reset, they once again planted tulips back where it all began The owners are thrilled as are guests of the tulip farm who have missed the Johnston location.

Unfortunately, the Johnston site looks like it will be the last to bloom this year. Early predictions have opening day there around April 29, with about two weeks of picking and photo ops after that.

All three locations will have different bloom times, it seems, so if you really love tulips you can make a cross-state trek to visit every farm Wicked Tulips has to offer.

Then you can fill April and May with beautiful blooms.

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