Wicked Kickin' Cheesecakes just kicked up their menu another savory notch.

Fun 107 was spoiled with a decadent spread of deliciousness on Wednesday. Westport's very own Wicked Kickin' Savory Cheesecakes stopped by with a few new surprises. Typically, my go-to cheesecakes are the chicken Mozambique, the clam chowder (when available) and of course the very popular buffalo chicken.

Now, I'm always down to try new foods and when I was told we were sampling the new Reuben Sandwich and Irish Pot Roast flavored cheesecakes, I was pretty stoked.


The Reuben tasted just like a Reuben and the Pot Roast, made with real freshly-cut beef, was even better. There was also a Charlie W's Cheeseburger cheesecake, a seafood cheesecake and of course, for dessert, there was cookie dough (served hot or cold, both were amazing).


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  6. Enjoy the scrumptious savory cheesecakes.