Summer 2019 could be a rough one for lobstermen.

First experts tell us the allergy season will be especially bad, then that the tick season will be among the worst and now we're told lobsters will be in short supply too.

It's not looking like the "best summer ever" if you ask me.

In what is definitely bad news for lobstermen all down the eastern seaboard, a bait crisis is underway making a seasonal favorite food potentially in short supply.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released their findings on Atlantic Herring recently and found fewer and fewer of the fish are surviving to maturity.

And while this may not sound like that big of a deal, apparently it is.

The herring are not only a fish humans love to eat, they are the fish lobstermen have been using to bait lobster traps for years.

So no herring, means no lobsters.

This means lobstermen are going to have to find another form of bait, which could mean more expense for them to trap or less lobsters in those traps.

Either way it presumably means higher prices on lobster rolls for us all summer.

NOAA isn't sure why the herring aren't surviving, but these little fish are pretty crucial to the food chain so they are definitely looking into it.

How lobster prices look this season is also still anyone's guess.

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