The rankings are in and spring allergies are expected to be extremely rough rather close to the SouthCoast.

That's the 100 cities across the country where allergy sufferers are going to have the toughest time this year.

And Providence, Rhode Island came in 3rd.

Get your Flonase ready people, cause it's going to be bad this spring.

Woman with Respirator Mask Fighting Spring Allergies
Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to the findings, Southern New England is expected to have higher than average pollen counts all season long.

I'm sure our mild winter has something to do with that, but knowing why isn't going to make allergy sufferers feel any better.

Also bumping Providence towards the top of the list are higher than average medicine use and lower availability to board-certified allergists.

And the only cities worse than Providence in those rankings are McAllen, Texas and Jackson, Mississippi.

No SouthCoast town landed directly on the list, but Springfield, MA was #5, Worcester came in at #64 and Boston cracked the top 100 as well at #72.

That means we are basically surrounded by challenging allergy areas. I think it may be safe to say allergy season isn't going to be too fun around here either.

Want to know how bad the pollen is going to be before you head out each morning? Check the national allergy map here.

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