Several Norwegian flights out of TF Green were cancelled this week after the Ethiopia Airlines crash in Addis Ababa. Here's why.

You may wonder what an airplane crash in Ethiopia has to do with Providence, Rhodle Island flights being cancelled. But Norwegian Airlines says it is all for a very good safety reason.

Seems the planes Norwegian flies from TF Green to Dublin, Ireland are the same type of plane that crashed in Addis Ababa on Sunday.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 plane, like the one that crashed in Ethiopia, is also the same type of plane that crashed last October in Indonesia and the FAA says there are similarities between the crashes.

Now Norwegian (and any other airline that flies Boeing 737 Max 8's) is being directed by the European Aviation Safety Agency to ground all Max 8's.

President Trump has since followed suit and ordered all Boeing 737 Max's grounded across the U.S. as well.

This obviously comes as a huge inconvenience to anyone planning to head to Dublin and not great timing I'm sure with St. Patrick's Day this weekend.

But safety first is definitely a must in this situation, so Norwegian has come up with another plan for travelers trying to get to Ireland.

The company will be rebooking everyone on Boeing 787 Dreamliners instead.

But those only travel out of Stewart International in New York.

So if you were going to Dublin, or returning home soon, plan to take a bus to Stewart or back to TF Green. All on Norwegian's dime of course.

As for the future of the Max 8 flights, that is currently anybody's guess.

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