Rumors have surfaced that LeBron James is debating joining the Celtics next season. Hey LeBron, YES PLEASE!

First Take set a fire under all of New England. LeBron James, antagonist of Boston sports for the past decade and a half, is now rumored to be seeking Beantown as his new home.

And I love it.

LeBron James has been the face of the fastest-growing sports league in the world since he was drafted at 18 years of age. Since then, he has won four Most Valuable Player awards, three national championships, two Olympic gold medals, and one lifetime achievement of making Cleveland relevant.


And now there's a chance for the City of Champions to land The King, and people in New England are against this? LeBron is a winner, not only for the team but for the community as well. Ever hear of the LeBron Effect? Having LeBron on the Celtics will make a miracle happen: tourism will increase in Boston in the wintertime. Fans travel to see their teams go against the best competition, and LeBron is the best competition. Also, LeBron is an amazing activist, and will invest his money and time tenfold.

From a basketball perspective, why would you say no to this? The best player in NBA history (sorry, MJ fans, but you can't be the best and not have played on high definition televisions) will be joining a team who was one game away from competing for the national championship. The Celtics' young players, who have spent their lives idolizing LeBron, will now learn from him on the daily. Think of how much improvement will be made to Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and the seven other rookies Boston had on their roster.




One final thought: Tom Brady, David Ortiz, LeBron James. Need I say more?

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