Sometimes a bad day at work can be made all the better by some great co-workers and then you could be Freddie Prinze Jr, who hated one co-worker so bad he stopped working altogether.

In the real world it probably isn't as simple as saying, "I don't like working with so-and-so therefore I'm not going to work at all." But in Hollywood that sort of thing can sometime fly. And I guess for a while it did for Prinze.

So who made him so miserable?

Freddie spoke with ABC News at Comic-Con this weekend and addressed why he hadn't been doing too much since being part of 24 in 2010. And that reason is Kiefer Sutherland.

Yep, calling Kiefer out Freddie straight out said

I did '24,' it was terrible. I hated every moment of it. Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world."

He is quick to add that he would say those words right to Kiefer's face and that he believes a lot of people who have worked with the younger Sutherland would say the same thing.

Still Kiefer may not have felt the same way. He had very nice things to say about Prinze back in 2009 when he was first added to the cast. But by the end if their run, Prinze did not feel the same way. Kiefer's had no comment on Prinze's quotes as of yet.

But some people just aren't meant to work with each other. Sometimes we just clash with someone for whatever reason.

So have you ever had a co-worker that made you want to leave your job? Have you actually left a position because your co-workers were so bad? We may not all be able to just stop working like Freddie Prinze Jr, but you can try to find a better situation if your work environment is no good.