A popular Providence breakfast spot that is no stranger to celebrity sightings, had yet another one this weekend.

A laundry list of stars have been in Rhode Island this weekend for the annual Comic Con event at the Rhode Island Convention Center, but not all of them have ventured beyond the event.

One notable (and seemingly ageless) actor did however.

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The Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio, stopped by the beloved NicoBella's Family Restaurant on Saturday and owner Daniel Crenca almost immediately shared the news on social media.

In a Facebook post from Crenca he not only shared the picture he got with Macchio, he shared a selfie with Walking Dead star Josh Hamilton too.

Both actors have likely heard rave reviews of NicoBella's from other celebrities who have eaten there before them. 

Most recently 'Sexiest Man Alive ' Paul Rudd was at the Providence hot spot this past April.

However it may just be the outstanding food that keeps bringing in the stars. Most reviews for this restaurant on Google are very positive and the place is known for its "good food, fresh ingredients and awesome vibes."

Who wouldn't want to enjoy those three things in the heart of the city?

Well you can. There is still one full day of Comic Con at the Rhode Island Convention Center, so maybe head to Providence even if you don't have tickets. Clearly you never know who you'll see around the city...or where.

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