The results of a new survey may surprise you when it comes to loyalty to our spouses.   Here are some of the questions that were asked:  Given a choice - would you rather give up seeing your sweetheart - or give up coffee for one week?   For women, 33 percent, or one in three, said they would rather give up their husband for a week than have to give up their coffee.  For men, only 21 percent chose the coffee over their wife.

Another question:  Your smart phone or your spouse, which would you rather part with for a week?   24 percent of women said they would give up the husband for a week, while only 15 percent of men had the same response.

One more question: Would you rather not see your pet, or your spouse for one week?    This was closer.  39 percent of the women said they would rather not see their husband.  35 percent of men said they would prefer not seeing their wife.   It seems we know who those people will be inviting on their next vacation.