The Elf on the Shelf has become a new Christmas tradition and parents everywhere are tiptoeing around the house: some quieter than others and some not at all.  New Orleans Mom's Blog points out that even though some parents are putting their Elf in elaborate set-ups and posting pictures all over social media. Others have different idea's about the Elf on the Shelf. Now the real question is, what kind of Elf Parent are you?

  • The Overachiever Elf Parent

You start searching Pintrest for Elf ideas the second Halloween is over. Anyone care for a marshmallow bubble bath? You have a planned list of every idea, and the things you have already done with your elf and you are more than prepared for the Elf on the Shelf season.

  • The Inappropriate Elf Parent

Lets be honest, you bought an Elf just to enter a contest. A contest, hosted by Jill from Baby Rabies, where you pose your elf in rather adult situations in hopes of winning a prize. Your children, if you have them, likely don’t even know about the Elf or what he’s supposed to do.

  • The Bare Minimum Elf Parent

You read the book to your kids and move the Elf around the house each night, but you don't get too involved with him. It’s just not that big of a deal to you or your kids and your kids’ behavior is enough for her without having to add an Elf to the mix.

  • The Good Intentions Elf Parent

You said that this year would be different, for the first time the Elf will come out on time and get into something different each evening. By day four, you are already done and the elf spends every day up to Christmas Eve in the tree that you also vowed to keep alive past December 15 this year. That’s not going so well either.

  • The Elf is a Bribe Parent

“The Elf is watching!”, if you're an Elf Mom, you know this line. You use the tradition to your advantage. You gets the Elf. You play the game, but you have an ulterior motive: gain good behavior from your children.

  • The What the Elf Parent

You haven't even heard of The Elf on the Shelf, much less purchased one or come up with any schemes for him, I wonder what type of Elf parent you’ll be when your finally confronted with the tradition. You will hear about him at some point, though, because he’s EVERYWHERE.

  • The Elf Hater Parent

Not only do you refuse to participate in this tradition, but you loathe it and may openly mock the Overachiever Elf Mom (in a loving way, of course!). You just have too much other stuff going on to add yet another thing to your life. Let us know!

Additional reporting by Kiah Heron

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