Today is the last day of our web guru, B.J., who many of you have heard on the FUN 107 Night Show with Scott and Melissa. He told us yesterday that he has never tried cacoila, so we brought him to Antonio's in the North End of New Bedford. I almost forgot on how many different delicious meats there are. Which of them do you like the most?

Cacoila can be served in two different ways, either shredded or in chunks. For linguica, I have seen patties, linguica dogs, and shredded as well on pizza. Chourico is a little spicier than linguica, and I'll throw one more in there as well. Bifana. If you haven't had a bifana sandwich, then you my friend have missed a few Portuguese feasts. All of course best served on a papo-seco.

Now that we're all hungry, which of these four Portuguese meats is your favorite?

Here's a throwback to a year ago when B.J. first got here and I asked him what he thought about linguica. Good working with you B.J.!