The other day my morning show co-host Michael Rock mentioned that he had never ever eaten a banana.  No bananas, no banana bread, no banana muffins, and he's never even shopped at Banana Republic.   How weird is that?    Never tried one and said he never will.   This morning a guest in our studio gave Michael a plain paper bag.  Inside was a banana.    Would he eat it?   Wouldn't even consider it.   Said it's something to do with the texture.  How would he know?

Our Sharon once told me that she had never eaten ketchup.   My wife has never eaten an olive, or mushroom, and until recently had never tried a pickle.   One she did, she actually liked it.    I'll try anything at least once.   But, I will not eat meatloaf that's been on the kitchen counter overnight.  Larry said he would have.  So, the next time my wife forgets to put it in the fridge, I'll bring it in for Larry.   I know Mikey won't try it.

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