We were thinking this morning that there are so many places on the Southcoast that we'd like to have live webcams to show wait times, especially as the weather gets nicer.

Last night, I caught myself frantically texting Gazelle asking what the line was like at Acushnet Creamery because I know he drives by there on his way home. I live out in Westport so for me, a drive to Acushnet Creamery is a hike. Nevermind if we were going to wait in a crazy line - still worth it, no matter how long you wait. BUT I was approaching bedtime so we wanted to know what we were getting ourselves into before we drove out there.

It got us talking this morning about where else on the Southcoast you'd like a 'Live Look' (kind of like the bridge cams for traffic!) at so you could plan where you want to go. We'd be pumped about a webcam on the Fairhaven-New Bedford bridge, Horseneck Beach in Westport, Acushnet Creamery, or even a local favorite restaurant like Busters or Cask and Pig.

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