If you are still drinking hot chocolate from a package, you need to step your game up with a hot chocolate bomb.

When I first heard of a hot chocolate bomb, I had my doubts that hot chocolate could get any better. How could you possibly improve deliciously drinkable chocolate? But the hot chocolate bomb takes this traditional holiday favorite to the next level.

I first came across “the bomb” when I was partaking in my daily scroll through YouTube. I watched this person pour melted chocolate into a molding tray of large circles and empty them out to create a hollow half-circle of chocolatey goodness. She then melted the rim of one of the chocolate halves by placing it on a hot skillet, then poured caramel, cocoa powder, and marshmallows into the half before sticking the other chocolate half in place to create a sphere. She dropped the finished product into a hot cup of milk and the chocolate sphere burst open to release its yummy insides.

As amazing as it looks, I don’t think my baking skills are up to par to create my own hot chocolate bomb, but thankfully, this fun trend has caught on at local bakeries, making it the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself). It’s an affordable way to spread some cheer and you’ll get some serious brownie points with your kids for knowing what this is.

Want to try out a hot chocolate bomb? Here is where you’ll find them on the SouthCoast.

Where to Find Hot Chocolate Bombs on the SouthCoast

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