It was a gorgeous Monday, but was it warm enough to hit the beach?

I saw several beach selfies on Facebook today and it kind of impressed me. I mean it was very nice out today (super sunny with highs in the upper 70's), but that isn't quite warm enough for me to want to stick my toes in the sand.

I can admit that I run cold. I take extremely hot showers, where slippers almost all year round and have a sweatshirt or jacket with me nearly everywhere I go.

So for me, it takes a lot to hit the beach.

I know this is probably strange, living on the Southcoast and all. The beach is so close all the time and I'm almost never on it!

Don't get me wrong, I do love the beach. And when the weather hits upper 80's or 90's, I'm all for the sunshine, salt water and sunscreen! But it literally has to be mid 80's or higher or I can't do it.

So with some people hitting the beach today, I've gotta ask...when will you hit the beach?

Are you an early beach goer or do you wait for the super hot summer weather before putting on your bathing suit?


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