It's been staying lighter longer, so when will you have to 'Spring Forward?'

Get ready to reset all the clocks in your house, cause Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend.

Sunday March 11th at 2 a.m. you'll have to switch your clocks to 3 a.m. and lose that precious hour of sleep!

Get ready for the complaints from co-workers all week long about how tired they are...and the completely screwed up sleeping schedule for your children.

In exchange for the week or two of annoyance as our bodies adjust to the time change, we'll start really feeling like spring and summer are headed our way. And we'll get to stay outside later with that precious extra hour of daylight.

Yep, the tradition began back in 1918 as a way to save coal during World War I. It was supposed to be just a wartime thing, but lots of areas kept doing it prompting the U.S. government to bring it back (seemingly for good) in 1966.

Of course nowadays there is talk of taking it away again, so who knows if we'll have another 100 years of the practice or not.

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