I'm sure for many parents the idea of having "the talk" with your child is a terrifying one. But what if there was an easier way to help them learn about the birds and the bees?

First of all, does anybody use the phrase "the birds and the bees" anymore? Should I have picked up a better, hipper way to say this at some point in life? I mean I can't even remember having "the talk" with my parents, so what they chose to say I have no idea.

But if you too have no idea of what to say or how. Or maybe you do, but don't really know how or when to start the conversation off. There is a place to get help.

Citizens For Citizens Family Planning offers family communications as just one of their many programs and services. That means there are professionals on staff and in house to help you when you're ready to tackle "the talk" with your child. Or if you really don't want to chat it up about the birds and the bees yourself, they can have "the talk" for you.

So if the time has come and you can't avoid talking with your kids anymore, reach out to this fantastic local resource for everything you'll need to keep your kids smart and safe when it comes to sex.

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