Maybe it's because we've been talking about The Chocolate Affair all week or maybe it's all the Easter candy commercials, but last night I stopped for some Easter treats and may have gone a bit crazy.

I was probably hungrier than I should have been when I stopped to run a few errands on my way home last night and decided to grab some Easter candy. I picked up a lot of stuff, thinking to myself that everyone is coming our way for the holiday this Sunday, so I can use this to make mini-Easter baskets for the table settings.

Yeah right.

In reality I ate a half bag of Cadbury mini eggs and a cream egg last night and that's all I'm willing to admit to! So clearly I'm buying more candy for our guests (oops!).

But all the candy also reminded me that there are a lot of treats you can only get at Easter time. Peeps, Creme eggs, Chocolate bunnies...the list goes on and on.

So with the holiday just a few days away, what are your favorite Easter candies?