Halloween 2022 has gone just as fast as it arrived.

Like every year, kids dressed up in their favorite costumes and hit the town, the only thing on their minds being how much candy they'd collect in one trip.

Back when I was a kid, pillowcases were ideal for trick-or-treating as they included ample space.

The one thing I noticed missing this Halloween was just that: pillows packed with candy. What I saw instead were pails, some of them not even full.

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Over the past few years, I've gone trick-or-treating with my godkids. They're old enough now to walk on their own and knock on doors, but I still like to keep a close eye on them. Before we left their house, the kids were full of energy and excitement. They were suited up and ready to take on the neighborhood.

Little did we realize that many houses weren't participating this year.

The neighbors kept their front lights off and even the ones who weren't home failed to leave a bowl of candy out for the kids. No judging here, but, sadly, there were more houses not participating in passing out candy this year than those that were.

Could the spirit of Halloween be fading?

The weight and size of my godkids' candy bags make the case that it is, but then again it's just my opinion. Your experience could have been different.

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