As the Digital Managing Editor here at Fun 107, it’s my job to know what’s going on on the interwebs and what you need to know for your water cooler conversations. Here’s what’s trending TODAY:

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The HBO drama brought home a total of 12 Emmy awards last night – a record that was previously held by The West Wing who won 8 in 2000. The 12 they won last night are added to the 8 they had already won on September 12 at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards

The Guild is asking people to submit photos of themselves and their epic beards now through the first couple weeks of October. The winner will receive a couple awesome prizes and free entry into the Great Pumpkin Beer’d Fest Competition at The Pour Farm Tavern and Grille. Submit your entries on Facebook at this link.

A lot of us ladies tend to keep products in our makeup bags FOREVER because hey, some of it is really expensive. Despite the cost or how much you love that shade of blush, there is a shelf-life on our favorite beauty products. Check out the video here next time you tackle your medicine cabinet to see what can stay and what has to go.