As the Digital Managing Editor here at Fun 107, it’s my job to know what’s going on on the interwebs and what you need to know for your water cooler conversations. Here’s what’s trending TODAY:



Introducing Sizzl: The Dating App for People Who Love Bacon

Oscar Mayer has released a new dating app for those who love bacon. The app works similarly to other dating apps in which it connects to your Facebook and pulls certain details to match you with other singles. The only difference is you also have to answer questions about bacon to match you by taste buds.



While there are plenty of serious issues to be discussed in regards to last night’s GOP debate, the most talked about question might be: who is the gorgeous guy sitting being moderator Jake Tapper. A quote from Twitter, which was a-buzz with trying to figure out who this guy was, read “Holy Jesus’ beard…can we talk about the hunk behind Tapper?”

5 Little Ways to be Just a Bit Healthier 

This video details some SUPER easy ways to be just a little healthier including tips on how to get just a little walking into your day even if you’re stuck at a desk, wearing BOTH straps when wearing a backpack (even though all the cool kids totally one-shoulder it), and tips on avoiding eye strain when you’re stuck behind a computer screen all day.