Today is International Walk to School Day, if you've used LinkedIn, you could get some serious bucks from a settlement and PUMPKIN HACKS!

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LinkedIn to Make a $13 Million Settlement 

LinkedIn has just reached a settlement for sending out TOO MANY emails. If you happened to use the company's "Add Connections" feature between September of 2011 and October of 2014, you may be entitled to a $1,500 piece of the settlement pie.

Today is International Walk to School Day

The initiative promotes daily activity and healthier habits that can be built into children's day-to-day schedules. Several communities have even included their fire and police departments in today's walks!


For those of you who are pumpkin perfectionists (like me!) we have a pretty handy hack for you: use metal cookie cutters to get perfect shapes in your pumpkin! BONUS HACK: Dip carved pumpkins in a solution of cold water and 2 teaspoons of bleach to kill mold spores and re-hydrate your pumpkins.