Massachusetts is obsessed with trick-or-treating, Taylor Swift got a little handsy with The Weeknd and the new place pumpkin spice is showing up. 

Halloween decorations

What Was the Most Googled Halloween Activity in Massachusetts?

Trick-or-treating! People want to know what time trick-or-treating starts, how old is too old to head out in the hunt for candy, how did the Halloween night activity originate: Fun fact – it started in the Middle Ages when poverty stricken adults and their families would dress up in costumes and go door to door asking for food or money in exchange for singing a song or prayers.

The two music superstars met a post-Grammy party earlier this year and apparently, Swift couldn’t keep her hands off The Weeknds’ hair! If you’ve ever seen a picture of him, you know he has quite the ‘do – he claims he wasn’t at all offended and that he would have never told her to stop touching him.

In addition to the everything-flavored-pumpkin spice this season, ladies have been heading to salons to have their hair dyed in shades of pumpkin spice – which are basically shades of copper and red.


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