A viral photo of Meryl Streep is a hoax, life hacks for things you're probably doing wrong and if you want to see Elf live, we know where to go!

Post from Meryl L. Streep / Facebook / Since been removed
Post from Meryl L. Streep / Facebook / Since been removed

Last week, an old photo of a young Meryl Streep was posted from what appears to be Meryl Streeps’ Facebook went viral with hundreds of thousands of comment and a million likes. The photo supposedly showed Streep on a subway with a caption that read she was returning from an audition for King Kong in which she was told she was “too ugly” for the role of leading lady. The post went on to describe how she bounced back from the rejection and now has 18 Academy Awards. Turns out, Streep has only won 3 Academy Awards and the story was fudged from a YouTube clip of Streep telling a different version of the story.

Do you know how to dry dishes without leaving mats or dish towels with a mildew-y smell? How about open that awful plastic packaging with a can opener or how to peel potatoes in seconds? Well, now you do!

If you claim you don’t love the movie Elf, you’re probably lying and now you can go see Elf: The Musical live in Boston from November 17 to December 6. Tickets start at $35 and the show will run for three weeks in Boston before going on a nation-wide tour.


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