Alarm clock rugs for those who need an extra push out of bed, the weird future of food and scam alert from WOW Airlines.

Ruggie / Kickstarter
Ruggie / Kickstarter

If you are likely to hit your snooze button a whole bunch every morning, you may want to invest in the Ruggie alarm clock. The only way to turn it off is to physically get out of bed and stand on the rug. You have to stand on it for 3 seconds before it will turn off. So you can’t just tap it and fall back in bed.

There are all sorts of futuristic food gadgets that are being unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. Most of which are slightly weird, to say the least. There are bins of water that cook meat, latte machines that can transfer selfies into foam and an OCD spoon that can track the amount of calories in each bite and breakdown how long you should chew the bite.

Earlier in the week, WOW Airlines announced ticket prices from L.A. to Europe or cross-country for as a low as $99. However, the ticket price isn’t as low as it cracks up to be. Turns out, the lower the fare, the more likely it is to be not only a one-way tickets but also that the return ticket could run you $400 or more. And once you add in extra fees, you will end up paying the same amount or more if you flew with another airline. Beware!

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