"It sounds like someone is being hatchet murdered in the woods!! What is it??" "I heard a child screaming bloody murder behind my house." We're here to help you sleep a little more soundly. 

If you live here on the SouthCoast, there is a good chance that you've heard some very eerie sounds coming from your backyard, especially if you live near the woods. Most people know that Fisher Cats make some of the most terrifying noises ever. Especially since when they start screaming in the middle of the night. But maybe you don't know that fox can also make some pretty creepy sounds and so can raccoons. All of which we have right in most of our backyards.

We thought we would help you get to the bottom of the sounds that send shivers down your spine so you don't have to wonder if there's something sinister happening in the forest.

Fisher Cat:




Barred Owl:

If you have a creepy video of noises in your backyard, share them with us on Facebook. We love to identify terrifying animal sounds.

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