The Voice held their open call auditions in the Hynes Convention Center on Saturday. Seeing I've auditioned for America's Got Talent, American Idol, and as of last weekend, The Voice, I figured I would give a run-down of the open call process and compare the three TV shows.

Very similar to the previous two, there's a lot of lines, (but you make friends in line, practice your music, it really doesn't feel like four hours), and you sing front of someone who isn't one of the celebrity judges on television.

Now I must say, I felt like The Voice was by far the best process. They had bathrooms everywhere, refreshments, and they told you on the spot if you were advancing or not.

American Idol, to me, was the worst. If you went to go any of the above you lost a spot in line and the nearest bathroom was half a mile away... yea. I loved America's Got Talent process, the only thing I hated was they didn't tell you on the spot if you made the next round, they make you wait MONTHS.

Lastly, I found the staff at The Voice to be the most friendly, and really supportive.

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