Gather round, kids – The guys in Maroon 5 have a lesson in swearing to teach. Adam Levine and the boys took the stage at Fenway Park on Sunday, and right in the middle of their hit song, "Payphone," began addressing their younger fans about some of the choice lyrics in the song's chorus.

"I see some little kids here. Now listen, this song's got bad words, but look, you're at a concert, kinda late at night, it's almost 10," Levine said. "I'm gonna say these words and I think that as long as you're not directing them at your parent or saying them in some kind of messed up way, I'm gonna let it slide."

TikTok user just happened to be recording "Payphone" when the whole thing went down, and captured Levine almost playing the part of these kids' fun uncle, giving them permission to curse while singing along to the band's songs.

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"They're just words, just never call your parents these things and everything will be fine," Levine said. "Permission to curse granted."

Check out the full video of Maroon 5's lesson for the kiddos below. You'll even catch some stunning skyline views of Boston from inside the stadium and Levine's angelic falsetto singing "Payphone." But just a heads up, as you might expect, the following video contains explicit language and is NSFW.

Well it's safe to say we love Maroon 5 and fun uncle Adam even more after that life lesson.

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