It may be a credit card catch phrase, but it was also a question asked in a recent Princeton survey. The results may or may not surprise you.

This survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International asked Americans what they were in fact carrying in their wallets. Not credit card or baby picture wise, but cash money wise.

Seems most Americans are no longer carrying cash.

9% of Americans said they go without cash entirely

I'm not terribly surprised, since I myself hardly ever have actual cash on me. I find I spend a little more freely when I do. And maybe most people are on the same page.

The survey found that 78% of Americans have less than $50 on them most days, while 49% have less than $20 each day and 9% said they go without cash entirely.

I think I fall safely in the 49%, less than $20 any given day...but how about you?

Do you carry cash on you anymore?

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