Easter is almost upon us and that means lots of chocolate bunnies to eat. And while you may not think about it while you are doing it, the way you dig into that bunny can say a lot about you.

Seems 59 percent of people head right for the ears, the most popular choice by far.

On the flip side, studies show that eating your chocolate bunny feet first is not so popular. In fact research done by WalletHub.com shows only four percent of people actually start this way.

Only four percent of bunny eaters start tail first too, another not-so-popular choice.

And 33 percent just dig in without even thinking of where they are biting first.

Perhaps this is all overthinking your chocolate bunny eating, but it may also be a fun way to analyze your family on Easter.

And with over 91 million chocolate bunnies bought each Easter, you'll likely have the chance to watch some of these techniques in action and judge the eater accordingly.

And if not, here are some other fun facts about Easter according to WalletHub that you can share around the dinner table.

  • 92 percent of Easter basket have chocolate or candy
  • $18 billion dollars is spent on Easter
  • 16 billion jelly beans are eaten during Easter
  • 180 million eggs are bought during Easter
  • 32 percent of people have Easter egg hunts

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