They tell you to 'say it with flowers' but here is what your flower color is really saying.

Red roses are a staple on Valentine's Day, but if you want to mix it up and get a different color bouquet make sure you know what that color says to your Valentine.

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    If you're going to keep it simple and stick with the dozen red roses for Valentine's Day you are telling the recipient of those flowers that you love them.

    Red roses stand for love, beauty, respect and romance.

    Not a bad message for Valentine's Day!



    This color may look nice, but is probably not the message you want to send on Valentine's Day.

    Yellow roses signify friendship and joy.

    Not a bad message, but if you want to stay out of the "friend zone" then you might want to stay away from all yellow roses.



    Maybe you're not quite in love with your Valentine, but want to get that special someone something that says things are headed that way.

    Go with orange roses!

    Apparently orange roses sends the message of desire and enthusiasm.

    Could lead to a good Valentine's night!

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    Dark Pink

    Dark pink roses look great, but they might not be right for Valentine's Day,

    They say dark pink signify 'thank you' and show appreciation.

    So unless you want to thank your Valentine for going out with you (and that might be weird) you may want to skip the dark pink roses on the 14th.



    Going purple is another great bouquet choice for Valentine's Day roses.

    Lavender tells your Valentine that you are enchanted with them and signify 'love at first sight.'

    A very romantic flower color choice indeed.