You may not remember (or maybe you do) the Equifax data breach. I don't know anyone who personally had to start all over with their credit. However, this did make us all feel uneasy when it came to the protection of our personal information.

In a recent settlement the company that allowed our information to become compromised Equifax agreed to pay claims anywhere from $125 to $20,000.

While some of us don't even know if our information was compromised, we should all still file a claim. They give a choice of what you can receive as part of the claim when it's approved by the courts. You can file a claim on the claim website.

I already started thinking about what I would do with my $125. Yes, I'm that person that money burns a hole in my pocket.

Hello, Portuguese Feast! How many drink and food tickets can I get for $125?

Oh man, and I could totally take all my friends and family to Acushnet Creamery for some Coffee Kat ice cream!

I have been trying to not spend any money on new clothes but I may have to drop by Carter's in downtown New Bedford for some new clothes. I'm in desperate need of shopping therapy!

Anyway, the file that claim. It can't hurt. I did, I won't hold my breath for the check but when it pops up in my mail I'll definitely know how I'm going to spend it.

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