Governor Baker has announced it is mandatory for everyone in the state of Massachusetts to wear face masks in a public environment, if they are unable to maintain social distancing guidelines, beginning on Wednesday, May 6.

Am I happy about this? Yeah, I suppose I am.

In a nutshell, if wearing a mask or a face covering will advance us to "flatten the curve," then I'm all for eradicating this virus by doing my part.

However, I myself do not own one of those fancy pants N95 respirators. I have a black bandana that I keep around my neck from the minute I wake up until it's time for me to go back to bed at the end of the day.

I am rarely out in public; I go to work here at the radio station then I come straight home with the exception of gassing up my vehicle. I take careful caution by handling the pump with a disinfectant wipe and sanitizing my hands before and after I've finished fueling.

Again, I have no issue with the mandatory mask requirement in public, but the looks and stares I receive with my bandana are unnecessary. Just last week I walked into a liquor store to get myself a six-pack of beer on Friday afternoon to unwind from the stress of the week and I was viewed as someone suspicious. I'm not there to rob the place, I'm just doing my part. Enough with the judgment.

It's sickening to see how many people are still continuing to fight against the orders of Governor Baker by refusing to wear anything at all. My own mother, who works in the healthcare system, sees on the daily the truth of this pandemic and is not only putting her own life on the line but the lives of her family as well.

I'm aggravated at the ignorance.

Plain and simple, if you're planning on going out into the public, come May 6, whether you're wearing a face mask or a bandana or even a scarf, please just cover your face. In fact, don't even wait until May 6, start doing it now.

Is that too much to ask?

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