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$1 Billion Surplus Remains Unspent On Beacon Hill
BOSTON (AP) _ It seems a reasonable assumption that Massachusetts politicians would be eager to spend more than $1 billion that _ in a manner of speaking _ is just lying around on Beacon Hill.
Yet nearly three months after the state's previous fiscal year ended with a sizeable revenue surplus, the De…
The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Back!
It's hard to believe it's been 3 YEARS since Michael Rock (and the rest of the world) took The Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS research. But now, in 2017 and beyond, it is coming back for a whole week!
The Massachusetts Legislature has approved a bill that designates the …
Gov. Baker Building Coalition To Fight Medicaid Cuts
(BOSTON) AP - Republican Gov. Charlie Baker says he wants to find a coalition of fellow governors and U.S. senators from both parties to push back against deep cuts to Medicaid proposed by President Donald Trump and House Republicans.
Under Trump's budget proposal, Medicaid spending would fall b…