Boston - MA

This past Friday, I auditioned for American Idol, first off, if you're going to audition, don't go to bed at 3am and wake up for 4am, wasn't my best idea.

I got to the Boston Common around 6:30am to meet what would become a 5 hour line (seeing auditions didn't start until 9am).

After waiting the 5 hours, doing all sorts of exercises, interviews, and just making random friends, it's finally your turn to sing in front of the judge, just you and him/her. NOPE! You go by fours and all go up to introduce yourself, then one by one you get about 30 seconds before they cut you off, the preliminary judges are all kind of miniature Simon Cowells.

Afterwards, we were called up all four of us in my group and told we did not meet the standards to be in the competition (to be clear only 3 people got yes' between 9am-noon).

The good news is they tell you on the spot, as opposed to America's Got Talent, where they take 2 months to get back to you.

Overall, it was a fun, but heartbreaking experience, to here a cover of the song I sang "One Way or Another" by One Direction, here you go!

2017-09-08 06.59.07

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