It's a new craze on Vine and it is perfectly named for the what exactly is it?

I first heard about "whaling" from The FW's Drew Weisholtz and from the Vine videos posted by Drew (you can check them out with the above link), it seems that much like planking and tebowing; this is a trend anyone can long as you don't mind looking silly to strangers.

But I'm pretty sure it's the looking silly to strangers that makes things like whaling so much fun.

You essentially just pop up some sort of counter or throw yourself into the camera's screen shot arching your back and then flopping back down like a whale would emerge from the water and smack back down.

So if you've got a flexible back and a friend to capture your surfacing moment, you too can go whaling pretty much anywhere you'd like.

So with a whaling museum right in our backyards here, I think this trend should really take off on the Southcoast. Will you be whaling?