I'm way out of the loop on what a "bomb cyclone" is. I thought it was a really good frozen dessert you can get at Dairy Maid or something.

Come to find out, it's a weather term that has a much more complicated explanation than I thought.

While I love to think I'm a weatherman sometimes, I had to call the professionals at ABC6 in Providence and get the full scoop on what it is the SouthCoast will be experiencing for the next 48 hours.

Here is my chat with ABC6 Chief Meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers, where he clarifies what this is and what we should expect:

Well that explains a lot. I'm thinking this pressure drop is like that of being on an airplane. I could be wrong, though. Either way, I'm glad I have an excuse to grab some bottles of red wine. Even though I never really need an excuse to grab more red wine.

Are you ready for when the power goes out? My phone is fully charged and so is my laptop, but I'm going to need WiFi. Ugh, the struggle.

It's been a while since I have been in a storm in the SouthCoast. I'm more use to the quick storms that would come through Richmond, Virginia. Sometimes a tornado or two but it wouldn't last more than an hour or two and then it's back to normal.

Hopefully, you are ready. If you plan on coming over, make sure you bring a good Merlot. A blend would be fine also.

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