Bees,spiders,ants, beetles, whatever. Everybody has some form of insect they really really dislike, for me its bees.As I arose from my slumber this morning. I felt that I should really try and get things done around my house. You know, seeing what needs to be repaired or fixed before the winter. As I was examining one of my windows, I was assaulted by a single baby hornet. More like a yellow jack. It happened so fast, I flat out was traumatized. He had his way with me, inserting his stinger in my eyebrow above my left eye.

I haven't been stung since Hurricane Bob in 1991, when every bee in bee creation was Hulk angry. Trees down everywhere and what not. The nightmare ended when I ripped him or her from my eye area and killed the thing with my foot.

Now, I kinda look ridiculous for a few days. He would have died anyway without his stinger, which is still in my eyebrow. I did win in epic fashion with a classic fatality move.  What is your most hated insect?