Anytime I hear the word "fleas", my skin instantly begins to itch just thinking about it.

Over Memorial Day weekend, my fiancée and I worked in our backyard to prepare our vegetable garden patch to begin planting our annual harvest. We've been fortunate the past couple of years to stay clear of any insect infestation on the vegetables, but it looks like our luck has ended.

When she called me over to where she was weeding, I could tell right away that something was wrong, just by the tone in her voice.

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The ground appeared to be moving and at a closer look, something was jumping about when I placed my hand near it. My jaw dropped as I assumed it was fleas, but thankfully I was only semi-correct. I took this video of these tiny insects and sent it along to my friend Alex Bettencourt who works for a local pest control company out of Fairhaven.

These bugs were everywhere by the thousands and I was nervous for my dog and my health and well-being as fleas can easily and quickly take over your household once they make it inside. Luckily, Bettencourt assured me that these were "flea beetles" and that they were not a threat to humans or animals.

Plants and vegetation on the other hand- now that's a different story.

Flea Beetles can be found as early as the beginning of Spring and feast on plants, flowers, and vegetables. Our spinach, although still immature, has already died off from these pesky insects and I fear that our lettuce is next.

Bettencourt instructed me to not resort to any toxic chemical pesticides, as they could become harmful to our health after consuming the vegetables. Something as simple and harmless as soapy water can help deter the flea beetles from your garden without leaving anything toxic on the vegetation.

Strangely, I'm just noticing these bugs now after living here for almost three years, but again, they're so small that they often go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Is anyone else finding their garden overrun by these pests? Join in the conversation at and let me know what your techniques were to fix the infestation.

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