It's not everyday that you come across a four-leaf clover, yet they're out there. You simply have to look a little harder for them. The same goes for ladybugs – pink ladybugs, to be exact.

Over by the Dartmouth Target, Hannah Grenier and her daughter were enjoying the sunshine on Tuesday afternoon when out of the blue, they came across a pink spotted ladybug. The red ones are more commonly seen, but to come across a bright pink one is a sight to see.

"My daughter is an aspiring insect expert/lover and also a dead bug collector," Grenier said. "It was released back into the garden, although it almost became a house plant resident."

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Grennier
Courtesy of Hannah Grenier

I called over to a local pest control service that is knowledgeable in the realm of ladybugs to see if I could get a little more information. I was surprised when they told me that pink ladybugs, although not often seen as much, are not a rare find.

For example, I found out that in Westport, blue lobsters are a one in a million find, and I was hoping that ratio was the same for the pink ladybug, but I was wrong.

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The ladybug experts explained how beneficial these insects are to gardens and if you were to ever find them, to just let them be. Ladybugs to some are a symbol of luck or a sign from above from a lost loved one. This pink ladybug could very well be just that: a special greeting from a special someone.

As for the Dartmouth pink ladybug, Grenier's daughter named it "Pinky" and set it on its way to live freely in their backyard.

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