Somehow, today's office conversation turned to TV shows, and who has watched what. And I'll tell ya, minds were blown.

Turns out I have co-workers who have never watched an episode of Friends, Game of Thrones or even Seinfeld. How does that even happen?

Sure, there are tons of TV shows out there and only so many hours in the day, but there are some very huge, very popular television shows that are going completely un-watched by folks in our office that was just plain shocking.

I mean really, how did you get through the 2000s without seeing a single episode or Friends or Seinfeld? They're STILL in reruns now!

I am not totally innocent in this office "how have you never seen that?!?" game. I've never watched Breaking Bad and I am given a hard time about it over and over again.

Should it be on my list of "must-watch" shows? At this point I may be past it. And yet I totally think others should be on board with those they have missed out on.

Seinfeld and Friends are classics. And Game of Thrones is still on and totally pop culture relevant. You have to have seen those, right?

Are there shows you have somehow skipped for one reason or another that people give you a hard time about" Or maybe even ones you pretend to have seen because you know everyone's watching them?

What TV show have you never watched that might completely surprise someone? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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