As we prepare for next Wednesday's FUN 107 Morning Show live broadcast from Plimoth Plantation, let's look at what was served at that first harvest celebration back in 1621.These are the actual foods that the settlers shared with the Wampanoag American Indians.  The menu may be a little different than the one you have planned for your Thanksgiving dinner.

The cold waters were full of shell-enclosed and other creatures back in the day.  Oysters, cod, striped bass and even eel.  Wild turkeys were probably also on the settler's menu, since they were introduced to the wild fowl back in England.  Venison, or deer meat was probably a contribution from the Wampanoags.

Corn was on the menu, but it was not the same as you may have on your table.  Nearly four hundred years ago, the Wampanoags were roasting something they called flint corn.   You can actually buy it ground from Grey's Gristmill in Westport.  Another thing on the table at that first harvest celebration was watercress.

And although there were no apples for pies at that time, there were pumpkins.  The settlers probably roasted the pieces of pumpkin rather than bake them into pies.   More on this when we talk to the settlers themselves next Wednesday morning at Plimoth Plantation.