Kaylee Millis, reppin' Weymouth Mass., shut it down in her SYTYCD audition!

Personally, I remember being at one of my fiance's shows and seeing Kaylee perform. The first thing I asked my fiance after the show was "WHO WAS THAT!? SHE'S UNREAL!?"

I know now I should have lead with "Babe you did great," so lesson learned there...

A few months later I was MC'ing a show hosted by Static Noyze Dance Company and there was Kaylee again! Obviously, it was another incredible performance. Now Ms. Kaylee Millis is on our TV's showcasing her talent and trust me when I tell you... you will NOT be disappointed.

Check out some of her audition here:

Here's a few pictures from what she brought at Static Noyze's show "NOYZE"

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