Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! This inseparable pair of kittens are looking to find their fur-ever home!

There are hundreds of animals on the SouthCoast in local shelters waiting to find the perfect family to give them their unconditional love. Nothing beats the love of an animal, and luckily, we get to share their stories.

Every week, we shine a light on one lucky animal, or in this case, two. This week we head to Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River where this sweet pair are hoping to find a home.

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Meet Lady Grey and Chamomile. They are both two years old and have been a dynamic duo since the beginning.

These two are the best of both worlds. Lady Grey is outgoing and playful while Chamomile is more shy and demure. Together, they make the sweetest pair.

Lady Grey and Chamomile do well with other cats, though the shelter doesn't recommend more than one or two other cats. These girls are not the biggest fans of crowds or parties.

"A friend or two might be nice, but anything more might overwhelm them," says Forever Paws.

They are both small and slender. Lady Grey weighs about 7lbs while Chamomile is a little over 8lbs, and though they could both stand to gain some weight, they're miniature house panthers and will likely stay that way.

Do Lady Grey and Chamomile sound like a good fit for you and your family? Contact Forever Paws Animal Shelter online, click adopt, and download the application. Once complete, you can email it to fpas1@foreverpaws.com or fax it to 508-677-9175.

Lady Grey and Chamomile cannot wait to meet you!

Forever Paws Animal Shelter

300 Lynwood St, Fall River, MA

(508) 677-9154

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